My music is like a beach composed out of grains of sand, each one unlike any other.
I aim to an aesthetic of coherence encompassing electronic, electric and physical sound. The overall approach is that of a constant polyrhythmic counterpoint, with elements of improvisation.
Each of my cd’s presents a different point of view.
I concentrate every time on a specific musical genre represented by the singing and the verses, where as the orchestration introduces contrasting styles.
The same “different” concept permeates all of my music.
Every cd creates parallel musical worlds, many different realities, many different grains of sand.


Ιn her first CD Ada Pitsou composes a colorful kaleidoscope of love songs, a collage of various timbres. She uses acoustic and electric instruments and changes musical styles, genres, and musical realities from song to song keeping some common elements in the orchestration. These elements as well as the electronic sounds in ambient style of Minas Emmanouil create bridges between the songs and carry us smoothly from world to world. Connecting thread the voice, that moves along in an ethereal manner.


The musical trip of Romeo and Juliet. The trip starts dynamically with a song and turns into instrumental music. Small singing islets delineate each unit, which develops musically and ends up with an improvisation. Classical music, funk, minimalιsm and industrial loops compose parallel realities into one compact unity: a constantly changing instrumental poem full of contrasts and contradictions concluding with a disarming ballad.
The endless battle within ourselves in the war of love, an underground flight leading to unconditional surrendering.


Two souls who complete each other in a relation ship that breaths light. Lyrical voice lines, romantic verses-interpretation, and abstract jazz style on the instruments. While the voice and verses are sentimental, the instrumentation discharges the sentiment by the held notes and the pauses of David Lynch, the atmospheric playing of Yiotis Kiourtsoglou and the very personal ethereal playing of Nikos Sithirokastritis. This approach in orchestration becomes intensified and completes itself during the instrumental interludes.


Songs and rhymes in rebetiko style, a witty “go to hell” on love, its demystification. Pieces composed on a baglamas, dressed in improvisations by great musicians. A fresh style highlighting interactions of rock with jazz and funk with classical, sometimes alternating, other times functioning contrapuntally.  An exuberant dance teasing and subversive!


Haunting music landscapes unravel through parallel electric base lines, rhythmic trip-hop loops and rap fugues. A dialogue between the two musicians, Υiotis Kiourtsoglou and Ada Pitsou, a dialogue within ourselves, a monologue-comment on the cruel reality that tends to draw as in. A comment on a threatening swirl-loop with only hope the last angels, humans left among us.
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